Loraine Cooley is an artist, jeweler and teacher. Encouraged by her parents at an early age, Loraine collected all sorts of objects and transformed them into all kinds of art. Her father, an engineer and self-taught artist, showed her the basics of jewelry making when she was 16. Working with metals became a passion and after graduating from high school in Albany NY, Loraine attended Rochester Institute of Technology and earned a BFA in Metals and Jewelry. In the 1980s, after a six-month journey around the world, Loraine attended Nazareth College for certification in art education.


As an instructor at the Memorial Art Gallery, Loraine enjoys sharing her metals expertise with others. Her work has been shown nationally. Most recently she was invited to exhibit in: “Counterparts and Interludes” at Roberts Wesleyan College, “Torch Song” at Nazareth College and “Metals Alumni Exhibition” at RIT. In 2004, Loraine’s one-woman show, “Intimate Sculpture” at the Dyer Arts Center at RIT, represented a diversity of her work. Her jewelry has been chosen for inclusion in several “Rochester Finger Lakes Exhibitions” and two of her pieces are pictured in the book: The Art and Craft of Making Jewelry by Joanna Gollberg. Loraine shares her life in Webster, NY with her husband and three cats.



“The excitement in creating is in the process of discovery.  Something as simple as a weaving shuttle or an architectural detail can plant a seed in my imagination. Ideas sprout and I transform them mentally, and then on paper, into designs. As I choose materials to give form to my drawings, the process becomes more complex. The contrast of richly textured metal sheet, river rock, carved bone or slate and design principles such as volume, balance and tension all come into play. For me creating is like a puzzle. It is a process of building, arranging and piecing together the varied aspects of my own experience. I strive to go beyond adornment and to create intimate sculpture that invites personal investigation and discovery.”